Intellectual Property

US Patent 9,730,486 was issued in August, 2017 based on IP filed in 2012 from the original WPI work (Brown et al. 2017), which covers the basic concepts. Several other innovations on details of the shoe have developed in the course of the design work. Additional IP will be filed on the shoe and the whole-shoe testing device in 2018.

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  2. US Patent 9,089,763. Skate boot force absorbing appliance 7-28-15 Christopher A. Brown, Karin E. Greene, and Devon L. Rehm
  3. US Patent 9,358,447 Rapid response ski binding 6-7-16 Christopher A. Brown, John M. Madura
  4. US Patent 9,339,719 Ski Binding Plate (to reduce ACL injuries) 5-17-16 Christopher A. Brown, John M. Madura