How to protect from ankle and ACL injuries

With some of the top quality athletic shoes, we see ankle protection in the form of padding and more material around the ankles. See the Jordan AJ XXXII Mid below to the left and the Under Armour Curry 4 below to the right:


Both of the shoes above have ankle protection.

Dr. Christopher Brown, leader of the Sports Engineering, Inc. development team from WPI, noticed that with stiffer ski boots to protect ankles, ACL injuries increased dramatically and grade three knee sprains increased by 209%.

“Supporting the ankle increases loads on the knee,” says Dr. Christopher Brown in a recent presentation. One might find it daunting that by protecting their ankle they actually endanger their anterior cruciate ligament or ACL. Virtually all ankle support increases loads on the knee.

Sports Engineering, Inc.’s sole technology, developed by Dr. Brown and his team at WPI, protects from all types of injury, ankle, foot, knee and ACL, even with ankle supports.

Click here to see the SEI sole technology demonstrated in a video at WPI.