Case for need for simultaneous ankle and knee protection in active footwear

Case for need for simultaneous ankle and knee protection in active footwear

Image from Ski boot and knee injury image from Sports Engineering, Inc’s WPI Investor Showcase PowerPoint by Christopher Brown, Ph.D., Worcester Polytechnic Institute

The picture above illustrates the relationship between ankle protection and jeopardizing the knee, one of increase. As ankle protection rises, risk to the knee rises, too.  Extra padding around the ankle restricts and limits movement of the knee.

We can see increased ankle protection in sports footwear, active leisure-wear shoes or “athleisure”, including boots of all kinds. Correspondingly, knee injuries continue to increase.

Footwear for Women

Footwear for the Military

Footwear and Trend of Increase in ACL Injuries

Sports Engineering, Inc.’s development team of mechanical engineering students led by Ph.D. professor Christopher Brown, former ski racer and coach, and athletic Hall of Famer from the University of Vermont, have patented a solution.

Current “Solution”

Training, stretching, selective protection of either the knee or the ankle, and good treatment of injuries so as to be best able to continue to play sports, partake in the Military, and to participate in other activities. The current solution has seen increases in knee injuries with increased protection for the ankle being built-in to more and more to footwear.

Virtually all facets of activity have seen an increase in knee injury including the painful, expensive to repair ($50,000 +), ACL injuries.

Sports Engineering, Inc.’s Solution

Video of innovative sole technology

Sports Engineering, Inc.’s (SEI) sole technology provides protection for both the ankle and the knee at the same time, via the dual sole with spring mechanism construction.

For more information on SEI’s innovative sole technology and opportunities to become involved click here.


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