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Frequency of high school athlete ACL injuries per 1000 per sport

First: Review of what is an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury, a common kind of knee injury, and how and why it happens with a look at the anatomy of the knee:


How is the ACL torn?

The ACL is torn when the force applied to it exceeds its structural strength.

ACL Knee sports injury

ACL Knee sports injury

Frequency of high school athlete ACL injuries per 1000 per sport

Here is an excerpt from Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention, by Cynthia R. LaBellaWilliam HennrikusTimothy E. Hewett, from the Council on Sports Medicine and Fitness, and Section on Orthopedics:

Most ACL injuries are sports-related; therefore, injury rates are higher in athletes. The National Collegiate Athletic Association Injury Surveillance System has compiled data for 16 sports (8 men’s and 8 women’s) over 16 years from a sample of colleges and universities (approximately 15%).1 ACL injury rates were highest in men’s spring football and women’s gymnastics (33 per 100 000 athlete-exposures) (Fig 2). In women’s sports, ACL injury rates represented a larger proportion of total injuries than in men’s sports (3.1% vs 1.9%), with women’s basketball and women’s gymnastics topping the list at 4.9% of total injuries.

Figure 2: Collegiate ACL injury rates per 1000 athlete-exposures by sport.  (Reproduced with permission from Renstrom P, Ljungqvist A, Aremdt E, et al. Non-contact ACL injuries in female athletes: an international Olympic committee current concepts to statement. Br J Sports Med. 2008;42(6):395.)

To see the full article visit the American Academy of Pediatrics at:

WPI 2-Day Course Announcement


Announcing 2-Day Axiomatic Design Course 

Dr. Chris Brown will be teaching a course this summer on axiomatic design and how it is a great tool for coming up with creative innovations.  The course dates will be June 5th and 6th, 2018 at Worcester Polytechnic Institute on its main campus.

Dr. Brown says, “Axiomatic design emphasizes functional requirements, logical decompositions, and looking at all the ways of satisfying the functional requirements.”

Here are some of the details:

Axiomatic Design, developed by Prof. Nam Suh at MIT in the late 70s, establishes engineering design as a scientific discipline. It provides, in theory and in practice, the most effective method to finding the best, and most innovative, creative and robust design solutions.

Products, processes, organizations, and systems all are designed. Design methods, whether conscious or intuitive, influence the quality of design solutions and the effectiveness of their development. AD provides an overarching structure, method and theory into which other design methods and tools can be incorporated. It also provides a clear value chain from customer needs to manufacturing.

This course covers some of the latest advances in practical applications, with a foundation of basics and theory. It is intended for engineers, scientists, technicians, students, teachers, professors, and managers. Participants will learn how to start using AD, while experienced users can learn how to teach AD improve their design thinking and methods.

Day one, June 5th, is basic and mostly qualitative. Day two, June 6th, is more advanced and quantitative. Drafting and CAD software are not covered.

In the workshop portion, participants can present their design problems, research, and solutions for discussion and review. Everyone participates in structured design reviews during the workshop and learns how to evaluate valued added during design reviews.

Click here for the course schedule.

To register, click here.

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Weekly Ankle, Foot and Knee Injury News – Zoom-In on an NFL Up-And-Comer

Highlight from a story on an individual who dedicated himself to a career with the NFL but suffered knee and ankle injuries:

Eagles Rookie Profile: Toby Weathersby is a very powerful player

Get to know one of Philadelphia’s undrafted free agent signings.

The Philadelphia Eagles signed LSU offensive tackle Toby Weathersby in undrafted free agency following the 2018 NFL Draft. In order to learn more about the new Eagles blocker, I reached out to SB Nation’s LSU blog: And The Valley Shook. Tigers writer Billy Gomila (@ATVS_ChefBilly) was kind enough to answer my questions.

1) Can you sum up what his college career was like?

Toby Weathersby came to LSU as a big-time recruit that then-offensive line coach Jeff Grimes kind of snatched up late in the 2015 cycle. He was able to get on the field as a true freshman at right tackle, and there was hopes he’d develop into a big-time player, but he never quite got there for a number of reasons, mostly injury related.

2) What are his strengths?

He’s a pretty stout run-blocker that can get out and control a guy with his upper body. Very powerful player.

3) What are his weaknesses?

Mostly, Weathersby struggled to stay healthy at LSU, and I think those injuries robbed him of his quickness a bit. He doesn’t have great feet, nor does he bend particularly well for pass-protection. It wouldn’t surprise me to see him maybe move inside to guard, where his strengths are a bit more accentuated and his weaknesses can be hidden.

4) Are you surprised he went undrafted?

Again, I think the injuries were a big strike. Ankles and knees, I believe, which are a pretty big problem for offensive linemen. Overall, he just never quite had the physical career he could’ve, and he definitely came out early. His family was affected by the floods in Houston in 2017, and I suspect that played into his decision to go pro after his junior season.

Click here for the entire article.

Weekly Ankle, Knee and Foot Injury Sports News Update

Shane Larkin PG 05/12/18 Shoulder Expected to be out until at least May 19

Gordon Hayward (ankle, leg), Kyrie Irving (knee) and Daniel Theis (knee) are out for the postseason.

Australian Ankle, Knee and Foot Injury Sports News 


 Stephen Hill  Quad  Test
 Michael Walters  Knee  1-2 weeks
 Griffin Logue  Foot  2 weeks
Lee Spurr  Knee  2-3 weeks
 Sean Darcy  Knee  4 weeks
Hugh Dixon  Ankle  4 weeks
 Bradley Hill  Knee  TBA
 Matt Taberner  Foot  TBA
 Sam Switkowski  Hamstring  TBA

Weekly Ankle, Knee and ACL News

Fox Sports– 5/7/2018, 9 hours ago

Story image for news sports ankle knee and ACL injuries from Fox SportsAlex Keath (ankle) — 1 week. Andrew McPherson (groin) — 2-3 weeks. Rory Sloane (foot) — test. Brodie Smith (knee) — season. Taylor Walker (hamstring) — test. Wayne Milera (leg) — test. BRISBANE LIONS. Jack Payne (shin) — 1 week. Sam Skinner (ACL) — season. Toby Wooller (finger) — 7 weeks.

NRL Casualty Ward: Every injury from Round 9, and every club’s full …

Fox SportsMay 5, 2018
Story image for news sports ankle knee and ACL injuries from Fox SportsTautau Moga — Knee — Season. Mitchell Pearce — Pectoral — Round 12-14. DRAGONS. Luciano Leilua — Ankle — Round 9. Darren Nicholls — Throat — Round 9. PANTHERS. Nathan Cleary — MCL — Round 10-11. Tyrone May — ACL — Round 9. Tim Browne — Ruptured bowel — Retired.

Former LSU star Kendell Beckwith to collect nearly $25K because of …

The AdvocateMay 3, 2018
Another of Kaymore’s clients, linebacker Jaylon Smith, collected about $700,000 under his loss of value insurance after a knee injury during his last game at Notre Dame knocked him to the … Beckwith recently underwent ankle surgery after a car crash and is rehabbing ahead of the upcoming season.

News on ACL, Ankle, Knee Injuries

Story image for sports news ankle injuries from News-Medical.netDr. Ned Amendola Gives AOSSM Exchange Lecture on Common Foot …

Newswise (press release)12 hours ago 4/30/2018
Newswise — Lake Buena Vista, FL – Ned Amendola, MD, of Duke University Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine, presented “Update: Common Foot and Ankle Injuries in Sports; When can they return to play?” at the 27th Annual Meeting of the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine.

Ohtani to miss Tuesday start with ankle injury – Netscape Sports

Ankle injuries | Sports Medicine Information

Sprains. A sprain occurs when the ligaments surrounding a joint are stretched beyond their limits; this causes them to become damaged. Commonly, sprains are caused by going over on an ankle or changing direction too quickly. Sprains are common in sports such as football, running and hockey.